Imagine if you could...

Achieve the body you want with uncomplicated nutrition advice and practical fitness recommendations in a format that fits into your everyday real life? Plus do it all with more God in the process? You CAN! 

Join the FEAST 2 FAST Summer Slim Down, a 4 week metabolic makeover, we start May 6th!  

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This is a unique health makeover experience that puts The Lord first and honors your body as a Holy Temple.  

We use these transformative principles:

  •  Carbs from veggies, fruits, & ancient grains
  • Fats from smart sources
  •  Proteins that have lived their best life 
  •  Macro breakdowns that are easy to attain  

We implement these strategies: Fasting, Feasting, Grace and Abundant Mindset

You will learn REAL information that transforms your health habits and strategies for a lifetime! Chelsea Blackbird, NTC details how food impacts blood sugar, adrenal glands and hormonal health. There is so much power in your choices! 


This program was designed to be easy to follow. Each week you have a downloadable & printable guide outlining how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. You receive a program overview and detailed instructions regarding fasting and the feasting carb cycling strategy. You also receive a guide with fitness options that meets you where you're at in ability and time.


Within enrollment of FEAST 2 FAST you will unlock access to a private portal filled with all the materials and guides you will ever need to make lasting healthy change. You can acces this portal from any smart device equipped with internet access. You literally have FEAST 2 FAST at your fingertips!


Each week listen to Chelsea as she goes in depth into each week's focused topic. These videos include topics like fat burning, insulin resistance, metabolism, blood sugar regulation, gut health & digestion, carb cycling and more! The more you understand what your body is doing, the more lasting change you will make!


Upon enrollment in FEAST 2 FAST you gain access to my exclusive, private group The Christian Health Club. This is a one-of-a-kind online food and fitness community with the BEST group of like-minded people to nurture you along your health journey. We love God, we love our families and we want to be our best selves in this life!  

We post and chat daily with food accountability, real life balance, and uplifting scripture to keep us working towards our goals with friends. It's been proven that everyone does better in a supportive group !


We will combine all of the tools listed above so you can get results just like these! Honoring your Holy Temple creates a ripple effect of goodness in your home, work and community life. You show up better in all areas!

"As of today, I am down 18 pounds... I cannot express how awesome it feels to say that!! I have more energy throughout the day, have had no indigestion, I am sleeping like a baby at night, no aches and pains throughout the day... if I didn't lose another pound I would be ok with that because I just feel better!!" - Kaylee

"I bought a pair of jeans that were a size smaller as accountability before F2F began. Well, I am wearing them right now. YAY!!" - Paula

Kathy shared this: "I have been set free from yo-yo dieting. This is my new way of life and I have never felt better!"

And this testimony: "I feel like I have control over food and IT doesn't have control over me anymore. I haven't had this much freedom... ever!" 


Next round starts 5/6/19 


We believe eating real food the way God made it, keeping exercise simple and honoring your Holy Temple. We believe in participating with like-minded women and enjoying life to it's fullest! 

We don't believe in diets or fads. We don't believe in compulsively tracking calories or spending hours in a gym. 

We understand you need real action items to fit your real life. We believe that when you fuel your body properly, the ripple effect will postiviely impact every area of your life.

Simply put, this is THE program to real results, food freedom and spiritual enrichment.


Real Food Focus Fuel your body with practical nutrition from The Christian Nutritionist 

Cutting Edge Strategies We use low-carb, fasting and feasting strategies to accelerate results. 

Exclusive Online Portal Our online portal serves as a gateway to FEAST 2 FAST wherever you are. Never be without your program materials! 

Informational Videos Find videos created by The Christian Nutritionist explaining topics like blood sugar regulation, metabolism, intermittent fasting and more! 

Detailed Guides Our downloadable guides are your resource for each week's focus and objective. We want you to feel empowered to make the best deicisions. 

Community You gain instant access to the best group of women in The Christian Health Club. We post and interact every day to make sure you are supported! 


This metabolic makeover is exactly what you need to make lasting change. For $179 you gain everything listed above plus your own testimony when you transform your Holy Temple to become the best version of yourself!


Enroll in FEAST 2 FAST: Summer Slim Down starting May 6th. Invest $179 in yourself for 4 weeks of learning how to manage your body for forever.