Welcome to Feast 2 Fast! This is not a diet, this is a unique health makeover experience that puts The Lord first and honors your body as a Holy Temple. We use the transformative principles of Real Food, fasting, feasting and Grace to create a lifestyle of abundant health in spirit, mind and body. No extremes. No supplements. No what-do-I-do next? The needs of your body do not change. It will always require Real Food the way God made it plus water, sleep, movement, sunshine and good fellowship. 

I will teach you the ins and outs of macros, the way your body stores and releases fat, how fasting boosts digestion and detoxification and how feasting creates metabolic flexibility and food peace. But the strength, discipline, grace and mercy that you need to really succeed on a health journey comes from the Lord. That's why we invite and keep Him first in this process.

I'm looking for people who want this. If that's you - awesome! - sign up HERE. 

Listen, I'm not a biblical scholar or minister.  

I'm a nutritionist who wants to be intentional about seeking the Lord every day. I want to make time for Him and for my self-care so that I can be all He created me to be. I want to use my physical body to serve His good purpose. I know that my drive has to be bigger than scale weight and jean size. 

I know that when I feel well, I serve well. I have more appreciation for my spouse, more energy for my kids, more creativity in my work and more spirit for my church and community. 

I also know that I need balance. The minute I tell myself I can never have a glass of wine or a cookie again is when I go off the rails. I need strength and discipline but I also need grace and mercy. I need Real Food meets Real Life. THAT is why I created Feast 2 Fast.

In F2F, we use the ancient, natural rhythm of fasting and feasting. This balance creates metabolic flexibility and a lifestyle of eating. Instead of feeling the guilt and shame of yo-yo dieting, we embrace a sustainable way of living. We learn to find that "Goldilocks" level of carbohydrates - the one that gives you nutrition and enjoyment but that doesn't create an ongoing fat storage situation. 

Never forget that you are fearfully and wonderfuly made. God created our bodies and the perfect food for our bodies. He made us miraculously and purposefully adaptable to metabolic variation . . . our bodies actually thrive on it. This means we don't have to try and live up to being perfect all of the time. God's plan always builds in grace and the way you eat is no exception. I can't wait to teach you these principles and to give you the tools to think less about food and dieting and and more about God and all of the blessings in your life!  


Ready for This? 

  • Weight Loss
  • More energy
  • Knowing WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, WHY to eat
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • Better mood 
  • Hormonal Stability 

Feast to Fast is Your Answer!

This isn’t just a quick fix weight loss program. This is a simple but highly effective strategy to teach your body metabolic flexibility. You’ll also experience:  

 - Increased confidence

- Food peace

 - Sense of control - not constantly thinking about food!

 - Overcoming guilt that takes energy away from family 

 - Making Self-Care a priority 

 When you sign up you will get access to: 

  • Program Overview and Guides
  • Recipe and Meal Ideas for each carb week
  • Teaching videos on macros, fat-burning, detox and more
  • 4-week membership to the Christian Health Club group
  • Ongoing answers, support and accountability 

The next program (the special Lent round which is 6 weeks!) begins on March 6th for $179. Space is limited, so sign up ASAP to get your spot!